Kapris is dead but his legacy lives on

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday August 1st, 2013

 IT is sad and emotional for me when people celebrate over a dead man. 

In this world, no one is perfect in the eyes of God.  

All men have sinned and Kapris is one of them.

He is the obvious scapegoat of all the misconception we have had about the laws of this country and he has paid the price with his life.  

As far as the law is concerned, he has broken the laws and the court needs to prove that and put him behind bars not to mention the risk he was perceived to pose to the society and our law enforcers which eventually led to his death. 

Are we satisfied with his death because the State spent so much money hunting down a criminal? 

Unfortunately, those who are responsible for not providing and maintaining adequate security at the prison will not share any blame or take responsibility of his escape which eventually led to the State to commit such resources. 

There are also concerns surrounding his death. 

According to media reports, there were some accomplices with him before he was shot dead but the reports did not say  they too had been killed (July 24).  

If it is confirmed that there were accomplices at the time of Kapris’ killing and if they were not killed, then this raises a lot of questions about the circumstances how he was killed. 

Finally, if white-collar criminals, who are responsible for stealing millions if not billions of public funds remain loose, will the death of Kapris solve our problems?  

The poor fellow who stole money from banks is dead but white-collar criminals who steal money from the people’s pockets are still around. 

LK, Via email