Kaugere rehab centre giving school leavers a second chance

Youth & Careers

KAUGERE rehabilitation centre is giving a second chance to grades 6 and 12 school leavers in five different skills training courses, director Alphonse Raiava says.
The centre, located at Joyce Bay in the Moresby South electorate, offers commercial cookery, basic electrical, carpentry, welding, and basic computing courses.
Raiava said the first batch of 83 students graduated last year and enrolment figures is expected to increase to 110 with the inclusion of four lecturers when the academic year starts in April.
The centre is registered with the Investment Promotion Authority to provide skills courses for youths in the National Capital District.
“We are hoping to enrol at least 110 this year,” Raiava said.
“Thank you The National for publishing our graduation last year.
“It helped many students to apply for our centre. Grades 6, 8 or 12 leavers are required to apply.
“They must know how to read and write to enable them to further their courses and training.
“The courses will be offered for two months.
“Then we will engage students for practical with companies before graduation.”
Raiava said they also run a centre in Kerema, Gulf.
“We also offer the same courses at the Kerema centre,” he said.
“We are making sure that applicants from Kerema are taught at their door steps.
“However, they will be sent elsewhere for on-the-job training.”

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