Kavieng to build closer relationship with Gold Coast


KAVIENG is working towards building a closer relationship with Gold Coast in Queensland.
This follows a meeting between Kavieng MP Ian Ling-Stuckey and the Gold Coast Council on Friday.
“One of PNG’s greatest assets is its closeness to Australia and our shared histories,” he said after returning from Australia.
“We need a balanced approach to our international connections, and it worries me that a large and growing number of our politicians have gone to China and elsewhere, but so few are going to Australia.
“As part of my balanced approach to building economic opportunities for the people of PNG, I visited the Gold Coast Council on Jan 18, exploring options for building a closer relationship. I met with Ms Katrina Metcalfe, senior international relations officer for the Gold Coast mayor’s office.
“We discussed possible win-win options for building links between Kavieng and the city of Gold Coast council.
“It was a very positive discussion. I highlighted how the people of Kavieng could help meet the needs of the growing number of elderly people in the Gold Coast region.
“Under Australia’s new labour mobility scheme, the Pacific Labour Scheme, there are options for work beyond just seasonal work in the agriculture sector.
“There are options such as providing nursing and other support care in health and ageing, as well as the hospitality sector.”