Kerema High gets new buildings

Normal, Papua

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011


THE first of the two new two-storey double classrooms, proposed for Kerema High School last year by Gulf Governor Havila Kavo, has been completed by the building contractors, Pantreid Pacific Limited.

Pantreid general manager Wilson David said his builders had successfully completed the building which would accommodate four classrooms for grades 9 and10.

“My men are now working on assembling prefabricated furniture such as desks, tables and black boards to be fitted into the classrooms. Once that is done we will ship the materials over to the school,” he said.

David said they had already assembled 160 desks for the students expected to reach the school next month.

Reports from the provincial administration confirmed that substantial maintenance had been completed and the building was now ready for the official opening.

There is a sitting capacity of 40 students per classroom.

Meanwhile, Pantreid builders had already assembled prefabricated building materials for the second building which is expected to house six building blocks and not four as previously announced.

This building when completed would give the school the status of a national high school.

“The six blocks will house four classrooms most likely for grades 11 and 12 students while the other will be converted to science lab, including information technology and school library,” David said.

“This building will be built out of bricks and irons and fitted with hi-tech modern facilities. This will be the model for the province since it would the first state of the art development for the province,” he said.