Kerema no longer a sick hospital


Kerema General Hospital in Gulf has improved significantly from a desperate state to a level 5 hospital through better management and strong support from the national government, chief executive Moses Uvaipi says.
Uvaipi welcomed five specialists for the hospital in Port Moresby on Thursday.
He said obtaining the services of the doctors for Kerema was “a very significant achievement and boost for the health sector in Gulf” because a years ago, doctors and medical officers hardly came to live and work in Kerema due to deteriorating health infrastructures and lack of suitable accommodation.
“I, on behalf of the board, management and staff welcome the five specialist medical doctors into the hospital and the province,” Uvaipi said.
He said the hospital was desperate for better facilities and staff up to 2009.
“It was a very sad story but looking back now on how far we have come after 10 years, it is a very satisfying journey,” Uvaipi said.
“Through transparent and accountable leadership from the board and management, the hospital has significantly transformed to a level 5 hospital, delivering the best healthcare services, including specialist medical services, to more than 150,000 people.”
The hospital has a doctor, a surgeon, a gynaecologist, paediatrician, five doctors, nurses and medical registrars currently undergoing training with the specialist doctors,” Uvaipi said.
He acknowledged and commended the government for being committed and said the public investment programme initiated by the government was making a huge difference at the hospital.
He said the frontline agencies for delivering health services were aid posts.
He said it was sad that most or all aid posts and health centres in Gulf were not in operation and people were suffering as a consequence.

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