Kidu calls for support

Normal, Papua

The National,Monday16 January 2012

MEMBER for Moresby South Dame Carol Kidu has called on her colleagues to support the Equality and Participation Bill and vote for the reserved seats for women in the parliamentary seating this week.
She was responding to questions raised by prominent woman leader Janet Sape yesterday during a women’s forum hosted by the National Council of Women in Port Moresby.
Dame Carol said she was yet unaware of the scenario as she had been overseas but was optimistic the two sides of government would put aside their differences and vote on this Bill.
“The Bbill began in the Somare faction when Sam Abal tabled it in September,” she said.
“When the government changed in August last year, Peter O’Neill took it over as his platform.
“So this week, both sides must claim that it is their law and let’s make it happen because it is short and we still have a lot of things to get done,” she said.
Dame Carol said the constitutional amendment had been passed and the Bill only needed 73 votes and the Speaker should call the Somare faction to let them vote for it.
“Let’s leave the politics and arguments aside.
“When the government changed, we were willing to take the middle benches.
“So for this, let’s not argue about the seats but just let the Somare faction take the middle benches only to vote and get this bill out of the way.
“Then you can continue the politicking,” she said.
She said the bill was for the long term and should be done right.