Kilau and Nomane need roads too, Menai

Letters, Normal

SUCCESSIVE governments and MPs have made empty promises to fix the road from Gumine and Gunage to Salt Nomane, and then to Karimui.
The existing road to Kiari from Kundiawa was built by villagers during the colonial days.
Every time a new government takes office, we hear a lot about funds being made available for Kilau and Nomane, only to see development stopping at Gumine.
Our accessibility from Gunage was only made possible by Simeon Wai when he installed a steel crossing over the Waghi River and then Michael Beven, who used  his own and Baptist mission’s bulldozer to allow us access through Gunage.
Geographically, we associate with Gumine.
However, linguistically we share common languages with Sinasina and Gumine.
We still remain a semi-stone age section of Papua New Guinea despite having several highly educated young men and women.
We have an elected representative in Parliament but there is still a lack of development in education, health, infrastructure and economy.
Our students in tertiary institutions have written excellent essays on our road conditions and it is the only place in PNG where you find passengers paying K30 to “carry” a truck from Gumine or Gunage to Kilau and Nomane.
Come on, Posi Menai. We gave you the mandate to serve us, not disappear in the swamps of Waigani.


Dokta Yumane