Killers deserve swift justice

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PRIME Minister James Marape wants to see the fast-tracking of the justice system to ensure murderers are meted swift punishment and removed from society.
Marape who was visiting his home district of Tari-Pori in Hela to attend the funeral of a policeman killed last week said law-abiding citizens were sick and tired of the loss of innocent lives at the hands of muderers.
“People are not happy and are worried about the threats and intimidation from those who continue to cause harm and kill their relatives with guns and bush knives,” Marape said.
He was visibly emotional when consoling a relative of the late Sergeant David Hale who was kneeling before him, while Cabinet colleagues and Hela Governor Philip Undialu stared at the ground behind him.
Marape called for the tightening of the law to ensure perpetrators of evil deeds such as murderers are accorded swift justice so that they are punished according to the law.
He also said law enforcement agencies and the police should arrest, charge and lock up people who consumed homebrew and smoked marijuana, and those who used guns and other weapons to threaten law-abiding citizens in public places.
He called on his people to stop the killings.
“I appeal to the people of Tari-Pori and Hela not to take the law into your own hands. Stop the killings.
“I appeal to you to surrender the guns you have,” he said.
Marape said the Government would see to it that the laws were changed to ensure murderers were “arrested and sent straight to jail”.
Marape also condemned the practice of paying compensation in Tari and Hela because trouble-makers “hide behind the scene and continue to cause trouble and destroy properties and take lives”.
“Guns are not only in Tari but all over the country and those who cause trouble must stop,” he said.
Marape yesterday addressed the people of Tari-Pori and Hela at the Andaija Oval in Tari.
Marape and his delegation visited the haus krai on Sunday at the Paipali police barracks.
He made a commitment that Tari-Pori will take care of the late Hale’s children’s school fees from primary up to tertiary level.


  • Government should amend the measures such as death penalty to place on the murderer who murder innocent people so that the killing would be stop completely. For that case, track down that perpetrator and punish him for the crime he commits immediately rather than taking too much on social medias.

  • Government should enforce and create new Laws rather becoming a barking dog & spend unnecessarily, before it become worse in the near future.

  • Dear Mr PM, please take a lesson from Jack Hides, first successful patrol office into the territory of the Goilala, Anga tribes and present day Hela. Justice and retribution must be immediate and priority. Perpetrators must be rounded up caught, processed and punished immediately, with no compromise. Until criminals understand that they will never respect or pay attention to big threats, compensation, much less public displays of solace.
    In the long term education is the solution, look to your neighbour, the ‘Action Governor.’

  • PM we cannot persuade the people to give up guns when the tribal warfare is traditional or deeply rooted in our societies. There is no other options if we cannot convince our own people to surrender firearms and change their attitude the only solution is to Increase Police Manpower to curb law and order issues like this..

  • In the light of warning and Law and Order out spoken by the government and leaders in condemning an act of killing yet the more lives are taken away and innocents blood are shedding for nothing. Yes I condemn an act of paying for life’s compensation because human life worth more than billion Kina. Hunt down the perpetrator(s) and let him/they feel(s) the full consequence!!!

  • Thank you Honorable PMJM. Your visit to the province was a relief and peace for many innocents and peace loving people of HELA. Especially mothers and children, old one and disables.

    Full forces of Law & Justice must be applied.

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