Kimbe in crisis due to weak leadership

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 13, 2011

I REFER to the current situation in Kimbe.
It is a town in crisis following the recent riot that caused a loss of more than K10 million, including the burning of two police vehicles.
Currently, the mobile squad members are providing some form security but word is that they have not received their allowances and are planning to leave.
It is said the various service providers are also owed a lot of money.
Yet the WNB governor does not seem to be worried over the possibility of another breakdown of law and order problems.
He is blaming the government and it is the Police Department’s responsibility.
The governor is not approaching this issue responsibly.
It is also the provincial government’s responsibility to ensure law and order is maintained in the province.
How can he justify the meagre allocation of K20,000 per annum for law and order in the province?
Is he aware the people are suffering because of the lack of security?
The police are underfunded.
Other than security problem, the people of WNB are also facing a lack of health facilities in the province.
Even our main Kimbe General Hospital has run out of vital life-sa­ving medicines.
And let’s be honest, there are no doctors most of the time and many of them have resigned.
They are starting their own clinics due to a lack of facilities and medicines.
How can the poor people afford to pay a high price for the medicines by going to private clinics?
Every day, people are dying from the lack of medicines.
Education is still very poor and there is nothing great despite the recent education launch by the governor.
He must do something for our elementary and primary schools.
Rural schools are suffering due to lack of facilities.
Many parts of WNB do not even have proper drinking water.
Our roads and bridges are still in poor condition and the same goes for the Hoskins airport.
Isn’t it a shame a Fokker 100 cannot even land here and the airstrip has to be shut after 6pm because there are not landing lights?
What is the point of having hundreds of millions of kina from NBPOL trust funds in the bank accounts when the people and province are suffering from a lack of services?
The governor must wake up.
Leadership is action, not position.
A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.
The people of WNB elected the governor to bring services, not to make excuses.