Kina Bank in Lae relocated to Top Town


THE Kina Bank’s branch in Lae has been relocated from the ground floor of Nasfund Haus to the Top Town.
This was part of Kina Bank’s acquisition of ANZ’s retail, commercial and SME businesses starting in Lae.
Kina Bank’s final day of service at Nasfund Haus was on Friday and its first day of operation at the old ANZ branch was yesterday.
Kina Bank executive general manager (integration) Wayne Beckley said moving their operations early would allow them to set up their systems and security, to rebrand the branch and test their IT and communications in advance of the September cut-over date.
“It means that we will be able to ensure that there is a seamless transition for ANZ customers when they transfer to Kina Bank in September,” he said.
“About 320 staff from ANZ will be with Kina Bank once the full transition takes place in September.
“ANZ, will merge its Lae Top Town and Market branches in one location. That location will be Lae market branch.
“ANZ top town staff will join the team at the Lae market branch.”
Beckley said all ANZ automatic teller machines (ATMs) would remain in all Kina Bank branches.
“This is to reduce customer inconvenience,” he said.
“Eventually these ATMs will move across to Kina Bank and will be rebranded.
“The Kina Bank ATMs will move to the new location.
“ANZ customers will be serviced at the ANZ Lae market branch. Accounts for ANZ Lae top town customers will automatically transfer to Lae market branch.
“ANZ customers will not need to do anything.” For customers with ANZ banking cards, Beckley said they could use the cards at Kina Bank; new cards could be acquired once a customers’ ANZ card was stolen/lost, damaged, or expired.
He said they had allocated K60 million for their expansion programme and they were also the first bank to connect to the Bank of PNG’s central switch.
Beckley said it took months of planning before getting to this stage.
He said the integration team was on hand to answer any questions from customers or the public through email:

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