Participants undergo training on crops, livestock


A TWO-week training covering crops and livestock has been delivered by Anis Foundation Incorporated (AFI) staff at Laloki, Brown River and Angabanga in Central’s Kairuku-Hiri.
The training delivered was on crop intervention which included: basics on staple food crops, basics on introduced food crops, basic soil management techniques, basic crop protection techniques, mini-setts technologies, post-harvest and food processing techniques.
They also covered improved farming techniques developed and proven by the National Agriculture Research Institute with essential literature from the Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA), Farmset and Brian Bell Agriculture.
Training delivered on livestock intervention sessions covered: aquaculture (in-land fish farming), poultry (chicken and ducks), sheep and goats husbandry (small-ruminant) and pig husbandry techniques.
After the training, seed packets, seedlings, brochures and handbooks covering all the training topics were presented to the groups’ leaders as a source of information and for them to start off with.
The information brochures were written in simple, clear English with its Tok Pisin version inserted explaining step-by-step processes which made it much easier to understand.
AFI said financial literacy, community governance and how to be into cooperative groups are some of the sessions that they will deliver in their next training.
“Baseline survey for the training was conducted earlier in March this year and training to be delivered are purely from the feedback as an intervention strategy outlined by AFI from the data analysed from the baseline survey collected,” AFI said in a statement.
“This is part of the major project called bridge replacement for improved rural access project (BRIRAP) being piloted by the Department of Works and funded by the Asian Development Bank.
“Under this project, AFI was tasked to initiate and deliver basic livelihood improvement and sustainable programme to the affected people in its three BRIRAP sites along the Hiritano Highway in Kairuku-Hiri.
“Most affected people and their leaders have expressed thanks to AFI for being on the ground to deliver such trainings and give information for them to boost themselves.”

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