Kina Bank remains committed


THE Kina Bank says it is committed to being “always first” in the banking sector in terms of market developments.
Executive general manager Lesieli Taviri said despite the challenges of the pandemic, 2020 was a big year for the bank.
Taviri told a forum that the “series of market firsts, included the introduction of PNG’s first ever fixed rate home loan with a historically low rate”.
“We also took a market-leading position by lowering fees and charges for POS and our digital banking channels,” she said.
“And we made our first step towards fee-free banking for our visa card customers with a home loan.
“We piloted a concierge service and digital kiosks in our branches so customers can bank digitally but in the context of a branch, and designed for those of our customers who have no, or limited access to the internet.
“We’re the first in the Pacific to introduce extra security measures for cards, and self-service for visa card controls online so you can block your card through internet banking if you think it’s lost or stolen.”