Kissam wants justice for tortured girl


THE PNG Tribal Foundation special project manager Ruth Kissam is calling on responsible authorities to ensure that justice is served for the seven-year-old recovering in hospital from torture injuries.
The girl was accused of sorcery by someone looking after her.
She was allegedly tortured for two weeks ago.
The girl is undergoing treatment for broken bones, wounds and burns at the Mt Hagen General Hospital.
Kissam said it was the second case of torture involving a minor.
The first in 2017 was a six-year-old in Enga.
No one has been brought to justice for that yet.
“We have people calling for peace but we cannot have peace without justice being served. The perpetrators must be prosecuted and convicted,” Kissam said.
She said a precedence must be set in the case of the girl at the Mt Hagen hospital.
Kissam thanked all those involved in the arrest of the woman allegedly involved in the torture.

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