Koki raking in K75,000 a day for fishermen

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MORESBY South MP Justin Tkatchenko, pictured, says the Koki fish market is now generating more than K75,000 daily for fishermen.
“It is now a tourist attraction and expatriates are now feeling safe to buy fish there,” he said.
Tkatchenko said the fish market was a success story where marine products and fishes were sold.
“It’s an amazing transformation where restaurant owners, wholesalers, expatriates and Papua New Guineans go to buy fish from fishermen in a safe and clean environment,” he said.
Tkatchenko said building a clean and safe market could reduce crime.
“For example in Sabama, we rebuilt the old market for K2 million,” he said.
“It was a worst area five year ago. There were daily incidents of bag-snatching and other petty and violent criminal activities.
“No one wanted to go there. As soon as we cleaned up the market, built a new one, employed the locals to look after the market, criminal activities have gone down to zero.
“People are now flocking there to sell and buy food in a clean environment”.
Tkatchenko attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the K20million 6-Mile market redevelopment in Port Moresby on Friday.