Kokofas, Cats prove too good

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 STRONG wins by the Digicel Gordon Kokofas and Hitron Bomana Cats on the weekend have forced a three-way tie on the Port Moresby AFL points ladder behind unbeaten Lamana Dockers. 

The Kokofas hammered the Moore Printing University Tigers 14-4-113 to 5-6-36 at Amini Park on Sunday, while the Cats detonated SP Defence Hawks 12-9-81 to 7-5-47 at the Murray Barracks Oval on Saturday.

The Kokofas maintained focus from the start and snapped home 4.1, 4.1, 4.0 and 2.2 to the Tigers 0.0, 1.1, 1.1 and 3.4.

Although the reigning premiers provided the crowd with some entertaining displays from Gagu Kaiage, David Topeni, Moses Martin, Elijah Ian, Mal Avia, Clyde Pulah and Colin Slim, their efforts were just not enough to stop the Kokofas.

Captain courageous Lailai Ila controlled traffic from the centre and received able help from Paul Philip, Sunny Yogomin, Joseph Ila, Gary Johnson and Jason Edwards to set the scoreboard rolling through Caleb Ila, John Vincent, Bana Michael and Elijah Barewoi.

In the main match at Amini Park on Sunday, a scoreless third quarter contributed to the City Pharmacy Gerehu Magpies four-point loss to Graffiti Koboni who now progress their winning tally to 20 points behind Moni Plus Taurama Suns on 24 points outside the top four. 

The Demons held on to a narrow win, progressing from 3.3 (21), 4.4 (28), 6.6 (42) and 7-6-48 while the Magpies advanced from 1.0 (6), 4.1 (25), 4.1 (25) and 7- 2- 44.

The best players for the Demons were Tohian Robert (man-of-the-match), Tapua Henry, David Evertius, Tau Morove and Pala Renagi, while Bruce Sovara, Ezra Gotuno, Kawai Akaru and young Camillo Ekari stood out for the Magpies.  

In the earlier match on Saturday at the Murray Barracks Oval, an impressive Moni Plus Taurama Suns baked Kwila Gulf Giants 12-9-81 to 4-6-30, while on the Ken Lifu Oval on the same afternoon, the unbeaten Lamana Dockers made mumu of winless Kenmore Central Bombers 22-8-140 to 4-1-25.

The unofficial points ladder after Round 10: Dockers 40, Hitron Bomana Cats, Gordon Kokofas and University Tigers 28, Moni Plus Taurama Suns 24, Graffiti Koboni 20, Kwila Gulf Giants 12, Gerehu Magpies and Defence 8 and Central Bombers yet to record a win.