Komukui clan pays compo for late leader

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The National, Monday July 8th, 2013


THE MOGE Komnuka and Kuipe clans of Mt Hagen in Western Highlands paid K210,000, 137 pigs and seven cows as compensation to the Nelga tribe on Saturday.

The clans, known as the “Komukui” clan, paid the compensation to the Nelga tribe of Dei electorate at the Pope John Paul II Oval.

The compensation was paid after Nelga tribe councillor Raymond Apa was killed by a youth from the Komukui clan in May.

Apa was killed at Ramba Rot, Wara Kum, when he went to mourn his uncle at Kimininga near Mt Hagen city.

When Apa left, a youth attacked him and chopped both his legs with a bush knife.

Apa was rushed to the Mt Hagen general hospital but died later.

The clans decided to apologise for the action of an individual which had tarnished their reputation.

Dei MP Wesley Nukundi, police and thousands of people from the two electorates turned up to witness the compensation.

Nukundi praised the Nelga tribe for accepting the compensation and maintaining peace.

“This is a very good decision you are making as retaliating or payback will never bring any solution to end any conflict,” he said.

“I am your leader and I thank the leaders and the tribes of Dei to accept the compensation payment.”

Nukundi said Western Highlanders should not pay back any wrongdoings.

“I want to thank the Nelga tribe for making peace and I appeal to everyone not to cause such problems in future.”