Kua calls for public servants to stay neutral


SINASINA-Yongomugl MP Kerenga Kua has called on public servants to remain neutral as lobbying by political camps intensifies before the Parliament session from Tuesday.
The Opposition is planning to move a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Peter O’Neill in this session.
Kua said some MPs might try to use Government resources “for their own gains”.
“It is obvious that change is imminent and Government departments and bodies such as the Treasury, Kumul Consolidated Holdings, PNG Gaming Board and Mineral Resource Development Company should not be (aligned) to any political side,” Kua said.
“The habit of using public resources for political expediency will not be tolerated. We are closely monitoring the printing of illegal cheques.”
He said public servants must expose: “This abuse of position and office. We will hold you accountable once the changes have taken place and you will face the full brunt of the law.
“The above-mentioned institutions have been heavily involved with the whims of the regime including our banks.
“I therefore call on all those in positions of power to allow this shift to happen without any interference in this legitimate democratic process.
“In saying this I also put on notice the banks in PNG.
“We have experienced in the past that banks have also discriminated in favour of the regime and have acted in a manner that can be deemed illegal and tantamount to money laundering.
“I would like to caution banks to stay out of the politics and not interfere by aiding a government in moving money around at this time.”