Labour department challenged


Department of Labour and Industrial Relations is the largest State self-accounting department in the bureaucracy.
This department is the country’s top premier institution, which advises the Government on all matters relating to keeping industrial relations peaceful and harmonious
It harmonises the rectified Labour Convention standards and maintains industrial harmony going forward.
All International Labour Organisation Conventions are not rectified by the Government, allowing an increase to non-compliance of Labour standards.
The department is a producer rather than a consumer department of the national economy.
Currently, the institution is in a non-existence state.
The Government has given it very low priority, and all its relevant arms are dead, including the most important arm, the ‘Concilliation and Arbitration Tribunal’ – a quasi-court – where all workers and federations bring their industrial grievances and disputes to be resolved. The government has used the department to exploit human capital (labour).
In the not-too-distant future, this monster, the human capital (labour) will raise its ugly head.
Signs are already appearing in the case of workers storming into Parliament recently protesting about their rights.
This is very serious and something Government and authorities have very little control over.
The others are raising their ugly heads all around the corners of the land.
Teachers, energy workers, public employees and other workers are raising their grievances independently, that Department of Labour of Labour and Industrial Relations is taking for granted.

The Industrial Observer