Lack of background knowledge


I write in response to the story titled “Anga River makes news for the wrong reason” by Kevin Pamba in your daily newspaper on Friday, Oct 13.
I read his story with great enthusiasm and fascination because of the lively description he made of the environment in Southern Highlands and nearby Hela.
However, his own description of the river systems in Southern Highlands, showed a lack of background knowledge which is highly misleading for readers like myself.
He wrote that at the Wara Lai Gorge, “…the combined Anga, Angule and Mendi Rivers trumble through limestone ravines and meet the majestic Lai River as it heads southward to pick up Muvi River out of Kutubu and then join Erave River further south.
“The Erave River then journeys southeast to collect the Yalo, Kaugel and Waghi among other rivers for the final leg to the Gulf of Papua as the Purari River.”
His description of the river systems is good and true but in the case of Kutubu’s Muvi River, it doesn’t join the Lai River.
While all the rivers of Southern and Western Highlands combine to form the Purari River, all of Kutubu’s major rivers – which are Muvi and Digimu – combine to form the majestic Beaver (or sometimes called the Wasi) Falls directly south.
It then picks up the rough Hegigio River out of Hela further south before meeting the Gulf of Papua as the Kikori River Delta.

Kutubu Wame

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