Lack of maintenance


AT this juncture, where it would be 43 years after independence, I still see Papua New Guinea as a nation that is struggling.
Investors, donor partners, private enterprise, churches and development partners can only do so much.
It is us, ourselves, who are supposed to be in the forefront taking the lead and making right
decisions as leaders and professionals.
We must ensure that our people are better served.
They must have access to goods and services.
This is so they can continue to participate meaningfully in development of our communities and nation.
In PNG today, one would observe that for every two strides forward in terms of new infrastructure development, there is always this one step backward.
I am referring to the deteriorating state of all Government and public infrastructure right across the country.
This is a result of lack of maintenance.
It is really a pity that some of this infrastructure has deteriorated so much and is just
like a time bomb waiting to explode.
A good example is the collapsed Banab Bridge in Madang, which is really affecting the economy of the province and livelihood of our people.
The bridge would not have collapsed if leaders of the province and responsible Government agencies had stopped
and observed its deteriorating state.
I was on holiday in Madang and drove several times along the highway towards the end of November and early December 2017.
I was shocked to see the deteriorating state of the bridge as I stopped to inspect its structure and the foundation.
The bridge metal frame structure had rusted away.
In most joints, the nuts and bolts were not screwed tight or were just hanging loose.
The bridge in the middle was tilted upwards.
It was at that moment that I told my friends that this bridge was likely to collapse anytime.
It came to pass.
Department of Works engineers and Madang leaders, you will have to take the blame for being ignorant.
You did not have the foresight to be able to identify the
problem and proactively attend to it.

N Bangulass

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