Lack of money stops probe into attack

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 A LACK of funds has stopped police investigations into an attack on officers last week at Raimbrum, West Sepik provincial police commander Supt Robert Gesa says.

Gesa said the Police Mobile Squad (MS15) from Bulolo, Morobe, was still in Vanimo since their Christmas and New Year operations but they were waiting for the finance account to be opened so they could access allowances.  

“We cannot travel by boat or the road because of the weather and this MS15 squad will have to get some allowances to help in the operation,” Gesa said  

He said Aitape’s Chief Sgt Paul Laslas and nine police officers went into Raimbrum following complaints of assault and an attempted rape.

“They went in and made 25 arrests,” Gesa said.

He said while the officers and the suspects were boarding a boat, the villagers retaliated and attacked them.

“The nine officers were outnumbered but only one suffered injury.

“Police have yet to visit the place and all who have been involved in the attack will be dealt with according to the law.

“We will apprehend the 25 suspects and everyone involved will be picked up.”

“The officers were not properly equipped but were there to enforce law and order following complaints.

As a result, Vanimo town will host its first National Court hearing early next week. That will see witnesses travelling from as far as Lumi, Nuku and Aitape.

Gesa said prosecutors and CID officers were working hard to bring in the witnesses.