Reggae star pays tribute to women

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014


SHAGGY had reggae lovers in Port Moresby jumping and pumping their fists all night long at his show at the Cosmopolitan on Wednesday.

Fans worked up quite a sweat dancing and singing along with the Jamaican-born international star  who put on a thrilling performance for the full house.

The reggae star and his band belted out hits like Bombastic, Wasn’t Me, Angel and Hey Sexy Lady. 

He played a Papua New Guinean hit, Kuti Mangi by Kerema musician Robert Oeka and danced along to it as the crowd roared in approval. 

On Tuesday, he arrived from the Solomon Islands, his management team expressed concern for his security following a number of threats and warnings they received to stay away from PNG. 

Their concerns were visible in the tight security during the show in comparison to Mario’s performance last month. 

Shaggy told the crowd that he loved the weather and food in the country and much of it reminded him of his home in Jamaica. 

Before performing his breakthrough Strength of a woman, he dedicated it “to all the strong PNG women out there”.  “Just picture if you could what life would be, ain’t much good without a PNG woman,” he sang. 

Shaggy wrote the song for his mother who raised him as a single parent.

He taught the crowd how to “whine” like a true Jamaican, showing them how to pull the right facial expression while winding their hips. 

Before the end of the night, Shaggy’s team filmed a clip of his performance to put on online and the star posed for an Instagram picture with the crowd. 

He only one jam in Port Moresby