Lack of police a concern

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 THERE is no officer manning the police station in Angoram district, East Sepik, police say.

The only policeman there was recalled to the provincial headquarters in Wewak last week.

Rural police station commander, Inspector James Baugen said he feared a surge in criminal activities because of that.

Baugen said the district had a record of criminal activities and with the recalling of the only policeman, things could turn worse.

He visited Angoram last Friday. “There have been killings, burning down of houses, abuse of drug and alcohol, guns and bush knives used in fights – almost all crimes are committed there,” he said.

“It is the worst district in East Sepik. We have two policemen. One who is a local has gone past his retirement age, while the second was recalled to Wewak on disciplinary grounds.”

He said there was a need for more police officers to be stationed in Angoram to control the law and order situation as public servants were stationed there.

“We have 10 new incomplete police houses at Angoram. The contractor has left maybe because the money had all been used up.”