Lack of respect destroying us


THE silence is deafening regarding the continuous harassment, rape and killing of women and men in the country.
There is breakdown in discipline and respect in our society, which is affecting everyone.
Law and order issues are on the rise, social ills, decline in ethical standard, decline in morality, increase in domestic drug and abuse and the list goes on.
Yesterday, the people of Central announced they will not celebrate the country’s 46th Independence anniversary next week in protest against their continuous harassment and marginalisation.
Last month, a Central girl was reported to have been gang raped by a group of men and then a few days later, another jumped off a moving cab in fear of being abducted and raped in the National Capital District.
All law-abiding and right-thinking citizens should now be sickened by the recent incidents of sexual attacks not only on females, but on young vulnerable boys and men as well.
Central Governor Robert Agarobe’s concern about mothers and daughters not being able to walk the streets of Port Moresby freely – their land – should be not be taken lightly.
We have reported on court cases involving the sexual abuse of minors and murder because of alcohol consumption and the list goes on.
This is already an indication of a sick human beings living in a community.
Just as a serious illness affecting the body, Papua New Guinea is fighting a constant battle to stay on a path that will deliver the people to a better state of affairs.
The symptoms are exhibited on an almost daily basis.
After over 46 years of independence, one would have thought that the country would have attained a level of wealth that reflects the abundant natural and human resources available, but that is not the case.
If the last four decades has taught us anything, it is that we should not take anything for granted.
We simply cannot afford to because to continue as it would mean we risk losing everything we have and are.
Today, you hardly see women in PNG, especially towns and cities, walk around freely without being assaulted or intimidated.
It is unfair that not everyone in PNG can experience the freedom they deserve because of the actions of some.
Every time a woman moves out of the comfort of her home/office, her head is tilted to see who is walking up beside or behind and for some, the grip tightens on their bag or purse pressing it towards their body.
Why can’t women in PNG just carry their bags or string bags on the shoulder, walk out of their homes or offices, without worrying about who is behind us or walking towards us? PNG, we know, is confronted with pressing socio-economic, political, legal and administrative issues.
It is not possible to remove the problem once and for all because we are talking about changing human attitude, mindset and behaviour which have been influenced by the social environment that individual interacts.
For people to go about their business freely and without fear, for children to go to school unmolested and without being lured by criminals, law and order should rule.
Maybe in the very short term, and for as long as necessary, it is time our security forces take control of communities that are haunted by those who have lost respect for humans.
This plague that should be exterminated now or it will destroy PNG.