Create better system to deal with crime


I REFER to an incident involving a young girl being forced to remain on the PMV bus she was travelling on where she was allegedly gang raped.
This is the behaviour of animals.
The alleged perpetrators should be caught and punished for their actions.
Just imagine, an innocent young girl, who could be someone’s daughter, sister, niece or cousin in such an ordeal.
How would you feel about this?
It’s even worse that no one owned up to speak on the issue and the victim and the family are left traumatised and lost for words.
How can justice be seen to work if we continue like this?
How can police and the judiciary be trusted by citizens of this country?
The Road Traffic Authority (RTA)should devise creative ways and put in place mechanisms that can effectively monitor PMV and taxi movements in Port Moresby going forward.
While city routes are still expanding, start putting deterrence and prevention measures in place.
This is the 21st Century, electronic information technology is already at our finger tips.
Consult the Finance Department and the United Nations Development Programme which designed a homegrown corruption fighting tool called “phones against corruption”.
You can carryout your usual road safety awareness and use this new tool (phones against corruption).
The system can be installed in the RTA database to monitor text messages from the public.
Motorists who break the law can be held responsible using this system.
This system would help with identifying culprits who misbehave and deal with PMV operators who break the law.
When the public is aware of such a system, RTA will have no problem making arrests and chase after culprits.
This system can be shared with other enforcement agencies in the country.
It should be used by all law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies in Papua New Guinea for the public to report on any corrupt behaviour and suspicious actions.
With the passage of Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Whistle Blowers Act, the public should feel free to report corrupt and illegal practices.
There are some good citizens out there who have the heart for this country.
In order to create better communities to live in, crime should be easy to report.
Those who break the law and continue to disrupt the peace of others should be dealt with by the law.

Anti-Corruption Fighter