Lae city in total crisis and disarray

Letters, Normal

LAE city has no roads, no power and no water.
Lae is the industrial hub of PNG and yet the only thing we have for our large taxpayer dollars is lots of rhetoric.
Companies here employ thousands of people and pay huge tax bills.
Industry cannot continue under these conditions.
The cost is just too high.
The gas pipeline is about to start and that is going to put even more pressure on a crumbling infrastructure. 
Where is this going? 
Can someone tell the people of Lae which arm of Government is responsible for this disaster?
Who is responsible for the roads?
Who is responsible for no power and no water?
Who wants to tell my staff why they are not able to access their pay today (Friday)?
Whose fault is it that the banks had to close because there is no water?
Lae has serious health problems with cholera, typhoid and dysentery.
And now without water and power, it really sets the scene for Lae, instead of being a centre for industry, to become the centre for pestilence. 
We have people being killed on the roads everyday as the cars are avoiding potholes as big as craters. 
Head-on collisions are the norm and people are being killed and maimed.
Has life no value to the national and provincial governments?
These are people that have voted for you.
Law and order is a joke with the police under-resourced and at breaking point with private security firms trying to bridge the gap, again at a huge cost to the industry.
To Powes Parkop, you can hold your head high.
I was recently in Port Moresby and could not believe the difference you have made.
The city is clean, the roads are in a reasonable condition and people are now taking pride of their city. 

Sherron Lewis
Director Hornibrook NGI Ltd