Lae Open Seat belongs to the Morobeans


I WANT to firmly say here that the Lae Open Seat belongs to Morobeans and any genuine outsiders living in Lae for employment or business reasons should support the best Morobean candidate.
This goes also for the Governor’s seat as well.
I have seen critics claiming that Lae City is the nation’s second city and therefore it belongs to the whole nation, which is an overstatement and incorrect.
Every province was created with its own capital and township with reasons to provide equal services and equal opportunities to its people to participate in the development of their province.
Therefore Lae City’s primary purpose is to serve the people Morobe while its status as the second and industrial city of the nation is of secondary interest.
If you are living in Lae for employment and business reasons then I suggest you concentrate on what you are there for and you leave the political leadership of the city to the people of Morobe.
If you think that you can improve Lae city by becoming the Member for Lae Open, then go back to your own town and improve your township first because your people might need you more than the Morobeans and the residents of Lae city.
Therefore, outsiders living in a province or an electorate should leave the political leadership to the people of that ethnic group and they should concentrate on what they are there for.

Concerned Morobean

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