Lahanis in surprise ending


SO, the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis have now won 10 games in a row.
Congratulations to the sponsor, the coaching staff, medical and technical staff and players.
In retrospect, someone should have stopped the slick Bird of Paradise at some point. The Tigers should have done that since the birds of prey very rarely slip through the tiger’s claws.
In the 2018 Lahanis case, someone went to sleep and before the giant cat can see what was going on, the Bird of Paradise was already beyond reach, leaving the Tigers grasping at thin air.
Now, another bird, the Mioks, are satisfied with themselves knowing they have reached the finishing line where they can relax and await either the Gurias or the Tumbe to meet at the grand final. Or so they thought.
However when they looked up who did they see? Yes, the Lahanis, and where where on Earth did those guys come from?
The grand final will be played at the National Football Stadium, in Port Moresby, on Sunday and neither team can claim home-ground advantage.
Both the Goroka Lahanis and the Enga Mioks have been in this situation before, with the Mioks coming out victorious once while the Lahanis have done it more than once – the latest being in 2011.
As far as the Bintangor Goroka Lahanis is concerned, this is a repeat of the 2010 performance where we had come from second last to beat the Mendi Muruks in the grand final in Lae. We did it again in 2011 and it has been seven years since.
One thing is certain, we can capitalise on the style of play of our very own three boys in the Mioks camp, who will certainly display their brand of football on grand final day.
Congratulations Enga Mioks for making it to the grand final in 2018. The Nokondi boys are slick-footed and they are on their way. May the best team win!

Gerard Saleu

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