Work on road hailed


THE people of Jimi are seeing one of the better road maintenance jobs ever.
The road is levelled, the drainage system is adequately maintained, the culverts are properly put in order and trenches created where landslides are likely.
The storm water from rainfall will easily flow into the drain, thus leaving no room for water to remain on the road surface to cause damage.
It is a quality work unlike the poor job done by past contractors.
The Kaunang River-to-Jimi-Waghi border section of Jimi Road is not like it was before. It is something else now.
Road users are really enjoying the smooth ride. Interestingly, this standard road maintenance work is done only by using an excavator and a dump truck.
The contractor is not using other earthmoving machineries such as grader, roller or front-end loader, yet a quality job has been done.
We are humbled to enjoy this service.
The road has now found a new partner in Kaia Works Limited which seems to have the technical know-how and understands the natural condition of the Jimi Road very well
Therefore, it is our wish as road users that the stakeholders in the Works Department, national Government, the Jiwaka Provincial Government and the local MP to see that Kaia Works continues to do all Jimi Road construction and maintenance projects in the future.

Jonah Ding

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