Land grabbing issue


WITHIN last 5-7 years there has been an influx of people into most parts of Lae city and Morobe as a whole and thus resulting in illegal land grabbing activities within and outside of the city.
The 3-Mile community in ward 4 area of Lae Urban LLG has been experiencing ongoing illegal land grabbing over the years for which nothing has been done to stop this illegal activities to date.
This type of illegal practices is caused by common known ethnic group of people.
They are not grabbing land illegally but brought with them their village mentality and attitude which results in several social issues.
It’s now or never.
People of Morobe we need to rise up if our provincial government still delaying and prolonging this matter to be sorted out.
It is a matter of urgency and I urge the government of Morobe to look into such illegal land grabbers and send them back to their village(s) or else there would be another major ethnic uprising that will costs the province more.

Maus Grass