Land grabbing on the rise


LAND grabbing has been rife in our major towns and cities.
The rate in which illegal land grabbing and settlements is happening right before our eyes is very alarming.
It is prevalent in all parts of our country.
A major cause of land grabbing is the increase in population.
This may arise because of rural to urban drift; and, an influx of foreigners.
The Government needs to know the causes of land grabbing before it can effectively address it in a holistic manner.
When not addressed soon enough, our towns and cities would be riddled with settlements outnumbering suburbs and streets.
These settlements will become a breeding ground for all the socio-economic issues.
As people live in disorganised communities, it will be cumbersome to bring in vital services such as roads, water and electricity.
The Government needs to step in and take stock off all its state owned, occupied and reserved land.
It also needs to assist customary landowners owning land near cities and towns to register their land (incorporated land groups) for planning purposes.

Maru Igabi