Land security vital for business, official says


SECURITY of land tenure is paramount for investment and re-investment to New Britain Palm Oil (NBPOL) to continue to invest in human capital, land for palm oil, sugar and grazing cattle.
NBPOL country manager Robert Nilkare said this when commending NBPOL management training team that graduated two batches of field cadets at their training academy in Ramu on Nov 1.
The 19 assistant field managers comprise of six women and 13 men from Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands), Poliamba, Higaturu, Ramu Agri-Industries Ltd (Rail), Milne Bay and West New Britain.
Five staff, a woman and four men, from Rail management were also trained and graduated together with the field cadets.
“In any economy around the world, security for land tenure is vital and PNG as part of the global economy, our success is measured through trade, business and human development,” he said.
Nilkare applauded NBPOL’s consistent support and willingness to nurture and develop future leaderships in agriculture sector.
“Agriculture comes naturally to Papua New Guineans and we’ve been doing it for thousands of years,” he said.
“Today, to grow this age-old activity, it is done through commercial, sustainable production and trade.”
NBPOL is the largest agricultural land developer in the country and a successful agro-business entity that continuously invests in its people, estate and processing facilities.

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