Land transfer illegal

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The National, Wednesday 11th January 2012

GADAISU village is in Milne Bay province near the Central province border. The village is on state land which is being developed by Tamoua Estates Ltd under a 99-year leasehold. For the past 10 years villagers had been petitioning the government to return the land to them but have not received a favourable response from the Lands Department.
Tamoua Estates has not developed the land; all that remains is a coconut plantation from the colonial era. Lately there have been illegal surveying going on in the area. Now we hear that the lease is about to be transferred to Jjoelavest Agro Ltd. The registrar of companies must explain:
l Why the lease is changing hands;
l Why the Lands Department had not stopped the transfer;
l How did Jjoelavest Agro qualify for the lease; and
l Why proper Lands Department procedure were not followed.

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