Landowners raise concerns over association’s management


LEROM clan in Babuaf tribe of Wafi Golpu Mining Lease in Morobe has raised concerns regarding the management of Babuaf Landowners Association (BLA).
Landowner Ezra Kwako claimed that the dealings with the Wafi Golpu Joint Venture (WGJV) Company, Mineral Resource Authority and Morobe government by Babuaf management were not done in the interest of all landowners.
“The management of Babuaf Landowners Association is not doing things that we the landowners want and that had affected the progress of the association,” he said.
He made it clear that the other two landowner association of Hegambu and Yanta may proceed with their aspirations while Babuaf has yet to level out things before moving on.
“Those two associations can get involve with the mining company but for Babuaf, we still have matters that need to be made right,” he said.
In response, Babuaf Landowners Association chairman Thomas Nen said executives to the management of the association was chosen by the people and the election was conducted by Morobe government and witnessed by WGJV.
“People have trust in the executives and that is why they mandated us to lead the association,” he said.

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