Law targets small crafts

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013


SMALL boats will be required to register from next year to ensure they operate according to safety regulations.

A team from the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) conducted awareness at the Warwagira showground in Kokopo yesterday regarding the compulsory exercise.

It is understood that next year the Small Crafts Act would be implemented  and this would cover boats under 10 metres long and all dinghies generally used around the country.

The act would require each province to appoint a small craft registration board, a registrar and inspectors to implement and administer regulations.

The provincial responsibilities include checking and certifying small crafts and ensuring they complied with construction and safety standards, registering and marking all small crafts. 

That would also include issuing a registration number and marking the craft with a maximum load line, licensing commercial small crafts and enforcing the provisions of the Act.

It is understood that all revenue collected under the Act would be retained by the provinces.

Owners and operators would also be required to have their crafts certified as seaworthy.

They will be required to carry s a life jacket for each person onboard.