Youths require training, skills

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013


YOUTHS of today require training and skills to prepare them for the challenges created by increased socio-economic development, an academic says.

In a statement on Monday, Mathias Kombra, former head of business studies at the PNG University of Technology, said future glory or evil would depend on “know-how and know-what” based on well-educated human capacity.

“Appropriate forms of training, knowledge and skills to enrich human capacity and needs, gender equality issues, empowering youths and people must begin with a new sense of direction through government policies on education and training,” Kombra said.

“We must promote all eligible citizens to be educated and empowered through initiatives such as universal basic education (UBE), adult literacy, application of specific education to informal sector, education institutional capacity matching population demand of UBE targets.

“Integrate educational institutions, develop more technical colleges and vocational schools, emphasise good citizenship, values, ethics and morality, establishment of national curriculum, assessment and monitoring authority and develop a national flexible learning institution.”

Kombra said universal participation must be promoted and encouraged at all levels of education.