Leach: We changed a nation

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The National, Friday 17th May 2013


NATIONAL haus krai organiser Rev Stephen Michael Leach says Papua New Guinea has forever changed in one day.

“The national haus krai here in Port Moresby was 24 hours of tangible justice made manifest,” he said yesterday when commenting on the two-day event.

“We forever changed a nation as direct result of our unity and common purpose. I am still in absolute awe over what God did in this nation.

“For 24 hours we stood, wept, prayed, danced, sang and cried out with one voice for justice to be made manifest. 

“The hard-won unity birthed an atmosphere that was conducive to transformation and I didn’t want to leave the stadium. It was a historic and profound moment.

“I wept as my wantok, Walter North, the United States Ambassador to PNG, addressed the crowd and on behalf of my birth nation acknowledged the suffering of my adopted homeland and pledged the support of America to help us live in peace. 

“It was Esther Igo and her leadership with unceasing faith, humility and passion that made this event in the capital possible. 

“I was blessed by the thousands who came out to stand with us for peace and justice, not only here in PNG but around the world.

“We changed a nation on that day.

“How many times in life does one have the glorious chance to say that?”