Women Arise movement opposes death penalty

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The National, Friday 17th May 2013

 WOMEN Arise movement leader Esther Igo has spoken out strongly against the death penalty law being mooted by the O’Neill government.

Igo, who spearheaded the successful two-day nationwide haus krai to protest against violence against women, bluntly told Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at the Sir John Guise Stadium on Wednesday that her movement was against the death penalty.

“Firstly, we’re mothers, who give life, not take life,” she said.

“Secondly, being Christians, we do not support the death penalty.

“Thirdly, our current enforcement framework and processes are not working.

“We can’t even process a shoplifter, and here they are pushing for the death penalty.

“We need to push capacity and capability.

“Fourthly, around the world where death penalty is used, it hasn’t mitigated crime.

“Finally, our criminal justice system is very weak.

“That’s why we’re very uncomfortable with the death penalty.”