Lead by example, says PPC

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The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013


IT may have been just another routine monthly parade but West New Britain police were given a firm message about what is expected of their behaviour.

They were told to lead by example so that society can regain confidence in them.

Provincial commander for WNB Snr Insp Samson Siguyaru told his parading fellow policemen: “The change starts with you and me. 

“We are law enforcers and we are not supposed to take the law into our own hands. 

“This, I mean, by not getting drunk on duty and start bashing or abusing innocent people in the community without a good reason.

“When we change our behaviour and attitudes towards the community, they will start to regain the confidence, trust and respect they had in us.” 

Siguyaru warned his officers and highlighted that he had arrested and charged rogue officers in the past while on duty in the province and would continue to do so.

Meanwhile, he commended the efforts of the newly commissioned mobile squad unit MS-19 in the province for their efforts so far.

“Our traffic division has been weak for some years now and when MS-19 came in, they were able to collect more than K1,500 in fines  for traffic infringements,” he said.