Leader warns of risks

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The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 By ZACHERY PER                    

UNCONTROLLED sexual behaviour triggered by “coffee nights” and election campaign houses in the Highlands will result in a baby-boom and increase in HIV cases, a women’s leader predicts.

Highlands regional Women In Politics (WIP) president Dre Cecelia Kimagl said this after witnessing  activities during the current local level government campaign.

“I am really scared that we will have a baby-boom and many cases of HIV will be reported in few months after the election is over,” Kimagl said.

She said single women, deserted and single mothers were being seen in the company of male companions at the campaign houses she visited in Chimbu and Jiwaka.

“The activities easily lead to young men and women pairing off under the cover of darkness that will result in a baby-boom and increase in HIV cases,” she said.

Kimagl called for security to be strengthened at all polling stations in the two provinces and throughout the Highlands region during the elections.

She added that many women were contesting the elections, hence there was the need for tight security at the polling locations.

“I have also sensed that there will be fights and other law and order situations between rival candidates and supporters.

“For that reason, I request for more police presence at polling stations and also at the counting venues,” Kimagl said.