Leader queries road works

National, Normal

The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 LAE roads today do not show value for the K140 million spent on them already, Morobe Governor Kelly Naru says.

He told a professional engineers workshop in Lae last week the problem was due to the procurement and tendering processes and the practice to release full payment before the start of work.

“Take a drive around the city and you will see where I am coming from,” Naru said.

He said most contractors were “paper companies” with no capacity and expertise to undertake such road works yet were awarded contracts.

“After being awarded contracts, these contractors walk away with 100% payment without delivering any work,” he said.

“Even those that deliver some results are mostly of very low quality that does not withstand the heavy industrial traffic and extreme weather conditions in Lae.

“How do we recoup these money and prosecute these contractors? Who picks up the tab?

“These are costly mistakes. There needs to be check and balance at every stage of construction.”

Naru said the system must be changed so that payments were made after technical audits had verified the standard and quality of road works.

“If the product is not up to standard and of poor quality, the contractor must be held responsible.”  

Naru queried the K800 million Lae to Nadzab super highway project underway in Morobe.

“Is it really worth all that money?” Naru said.