Leaders working for peace

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

COMMUNITY leaders are working to address concerns of the parties involved in a recent tribal clash in Markham district, Morobe, Umi Atzera LLG president Daki Mao says.
Mao said a meeting was held last Saturday where a peace negotiating committee was set to negotiate and restore peace between Amari and Atzera communities.
“From the Amari side both the community members and the leaders are cooperating well with the peace committees and the police team.
“I would like to thank the Morobe provincial police command under the leadership of Augustine Wampe who had managed to disperse the fighting crowds and calm down the high tensions during such a situation that I have never witnessed before in the district,” Mao said.
Mao said the peace negotiation committee which he headed comprised a police representative, representatives from three church denominations, the district executive officer, three ward councilors from Amari and six ward councilors from Atzera.
The peace negotiating committee was set up following a petition by community leaders Awateng Nariam of Zumim and Bob Wai of Antiragin area to have their concerns heard through open dialogue.
Mao is calling onto both parties to cooperate during the peace negotiation stage in true Markham tradition.