Learn from Kiwis, Kumuls

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Kevin Pamba was spot on in his article (The National, Nov 4).
The Kumuls management and coaching staff must learn from the Kiwis.
Brawn and big hits alone do not win international matches.
The Kiwis tried that for the last two decades and the Kangaroos overran them continuously.
But combine brawn with brains and look at the Kiwis now.
We need “thinking generals” who can analyse and direct the flow of play.
The Kumuls of 2008-09 played a structured game, lots of hits but even more brains.
Benji Marshal and company were hunted down on Australian soil (also coaching staff) because the Kiwis realised that to be the best, you have to get inside the mind of the best and think like them, all for the benefit of your own country.
The Kiwis have been able to channel their patriotic aggression into a fast-paced professional machine.
We can do that too


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