Leave Ombudsman Commission alone

Letters, Normal

THE bill to curb the powers of the Ombudsman Commission is totally corrupt. 
Our MPs, who have thus far supported this bill, are trying to lead the people and country astray.
The people of PNG have full confidence in the Ombudsman Commission and MPs who supported the bill have betrayed the trust the people had in their leaders. 
Our MPs are trying to lead a luxurious life through corrupt means by chaining the watchdog to a post.
The Ombudsman Commission is the only entity with the power to haul up these so-called leaders.
As such, they want to curb the OC’s powers so that they can do whatever they want without having to look over their shoulders.
MPs must remember that the power they have is the people’s power.
The people can take this back after five years.
When the five years is up, the leaders will go to the people crying for our mandate.
But this time, the people, having seen the antics of the so-called leaders, know what they have to do come 2012.
Moses Maladina should review his leadership role and deliver services to his people, not breaking the teeth of our watchdog. 
Leave the Ombudsman Commission alone. 


Bush mangi