Less talk, more tangible projects, Powi

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

SINCE being elected as the governor of Southern Highlands, William Powi has been boasting about his master plan in the daily newspapers and on EMTV.
He was the SHP admi­nistrator for nine years and only he knows what he implemented.
It is funny that nothing has been implemented on the ground, apart from  cash handouts given to his supporters.
I am sure nothing phy­sical will happen and another five more years are wasted.
If the national planning officers who went to
Mendi for the workshop and the launch of Powi’s colourful master plan were smart, they would have requested that the administrator or governor bring them to the respective project sites.
However, no one did that as everyone was distracted by his sweet presentations.
In the papers last week, Powi mentioned a few projects that he claimed were funded by his new government, but they were all cash handouts.
He mentioned a funding of K20,000 for a Humbra road and K150,000
for a Hum road, which do not even exist.
The main Mendi-Kandep road passes through these villages and currently the Chinese Overseas Engineering Company is building this road.
We do not need Powi’s handouts.
But if he is se­rious about delivering tangible projects, I suggest he revive s the Tul­-mar Coffee in Hum.
Before the next five years pass without tangible projects just like what happened in the past nine years, I urge Powi to appoint some educated and smart-thinking people in his administration and start implementing some of the projects mentioned in his master plan.

Jude Kopol
Hum village, SHP