Let the law deal with you


THE “an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth)” approach is already becoming a standard form of compensation in our society.
The principal meaning is that if you believe someone did something wrong, that person should be punished by having the same thing done to them.
A biblical perspective is fixed in the principle of revenge: punishment is deserved in proportion to the seriousness of an offence.
Our ancestors have taught us to treat others as we would like to be treated.
The justice system also encourages this.
It is unfair to commit a crime without a consequence.
Therefore, if you choose to steal something, you should deal with the consequence.
It is the only way to teach and learn lessons.
But today, if someone steals and he is dealt with, he goes and brings his relatives and friends and they create other problems out of it.
We are not primitives.
We should allow the law to take its course and let those who do wrong feel the full brunt of it.
Punishment is a universal phenomenon.