Letters in brief


Morata plea:
As a local from the polio virus-affected suburb of Morata, I write to seek our prime minister’s interventions for the responsible stakeholders to restore basic clean drinking water and proper electricity supply to our community. Citizens who live here have for many years been denied their right as human beings to have clean drinking water and electricity. The absence of these basic services have forced the people to rely on the polio-infected sewage ponds and swamp for their needs. Someone, please help.

Bernagle, Morata Way

Sackings sought:
What will other world leaders think when they read about the actions of our disciplined forces who ransacked the Parliament building soon after the Apec Leaders’ Summit last month because they wanted their allowances paid quickly. These officers are employed to protect people and property. There is only one way to deal with members of the disciplined forces who resort to violence to resolve disputes: Sack them. By doing what they did they have lost their right to wear the uniform. Get rid of them.


Teachers short-changed:
Can the PNG Teachers’ Association do something to sort out the teachers’ grievances over the hold being put on loans? Teachers are wondering when they will be allowed to get loans before Christmas. It is unfair for teachers that they should be so punished while violent members of the Apec security task force can walk into the Parliament buildings, break things up, terrorise people and get away with it. Come on, people, allow teachers to get loans. It’s the festive season and teachers need extra cash for the Christmas period. Teachers always get the worst deal in this country.

Lespinis, PNG

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