Letters in brief


Outbreak concern:
Something urgent needs to be done about the outbreak of typhoid which is affecting students recently at University of Goroka campus. Concerned parents all throughout PNG are concerned about the health of their children and would like to know what the cause of this outbreak is. If this is to do with the water supply problem, urgent attention is needed to protect the students. Government authorities need to act quickly to address this issue.

Concerned parent, Lae

Numbers game :
The Opposition-led team continuously lie about mastering number to unseat PM in VONC (vote of no-confidence). Classic example was passing of a motion during parliament sitting in which the government won by 59 to 50. Isn’t that an example of how Opposition claims to win VONC? The opposition is using one or two weak points to attack PM to gain support though media mainstream. If the opposition displays true nationalism, they should be working side by side with PM for the betterment of this country. Why are they so self-fish and continuously attaching PM?

Concerned Citizen, POM

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