Letters in brief


Marape’s move:
Many people including some MPs who voted for James Marape believed the elevation of Marape to the Prime Minister position had something to do with divine intervention. It wasn’t, it was mere deception deployed strategically. Marape was with Peter O’Neill from day one, a senior Minister and leader of government business in Parliament. These are the merits that qualified Marape for a standing in the O’Neill regime. These very same merits gave Marape the energy and drive to break off and out. Marape planned his moves and calculated the outcomes.

Tony Walega, Lae

O’Neill challenged:
Peter O’Neill must stop insulting our intelligence by saying that the decision to resign as the Prime Minister of this great country was his own and not because of the other leaders. If the current PM did not resign from his Finance Ministry and many senior MPs like Sir Peter Ipatas and others did not also resign from his PNC party, O’Neill would not have resigned as PM. O’Neill should to keep whatever integrity he’s got left by keeping quiet and just simply enjoy his money.

Namei Nau-me

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