Letters in brief


Why Tkatchenko:
I congratulate Prime Minister James Marape for announcing the Cabinet last week.
The composition of the Cabinet and the sharing of ministerial portfolios are welcome as we have a balanced representation there.
However, the appointment of Justin Tkatchenko as Housing minister doesn’t go down well with ordinary Papua New Guineans.
He still has to answer a serious of questions in relation to the Apec meeting, the controversial purchase of the Maseratis and the acquittals thereof for on the exorbitant spending on the Apec.
He should be stripped of his ministry and let to through the investigations before he can take on the post.

Concerned Citizen

Leave fare:
Congratulation to the new PM James Marape and with high hope we the teachers are looking forward for a change in how our leave fares entitlement are being paid in time that we really need it.


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